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Big Changes - September 19, 2017

Over the past couple of weeks I have arrived at some conclusions and have begun to implement some fairly large changes on the website. I'll begin by noting the obvious changes. I have removed the forum. After implementing it I continued to battle spam for quite some time and saw little actual use of the forum itself. In this day and age there are many ways for philatelists to connect with each other on the web. The forum on this website would simply have been one more. I would have gladly left it up were it not for the spam. But with little use and needing to constantly monitor the forum, the problems it introduced did not outweigh the benefits of having it and so it was removed. The second obvious change is that the authentication/user registration on the website has been removed. The purpose for the authentication on the website was the first step in converting the the website to be a user maintained site, but I now feel that that is not the direction in which the website should go. The problems encountered with spam on the forum raised concerns about the problems that can exist in a user maintained website so I began to consider what it would take to continue being the sole maintainer of the website.

The vast majority of time spent on this website is the time to maintain and update the lists. It takes time and resources to locate information about new issues. Interestingly enough, the proliferation of new issues has been the primary factor in reducing my motivation with this hobby. As a result of spending all of my time focused on new issues, I have been unable to enjoy the parts of the hobby that intrigue me the most (postal history) let alone, devoting time to those things on the website. It occurred to me a few weeks ago that there was another solution to both my inability to maintain the website and my continued lack of interest in the hobby. The solution was to establish a cutoff date and restrict the scope of my collection and this website to focus on stamps issued before that date. To that end, I chose the year 2004 as that date. The reasons why are cited on Page 4 of the introduction. As a result, the stamp lists on this website will now primarily reflect stamps issued up to 2004. I will no longer be updating the lists for stamps issued after that. This decision has renewed my interest in the hobby and hopefully will allow me to work on displaying other facets of the hobby on this website.

Finally, the lists have been updated and images have been uploaded. SG and Yvert catalog numbers have always been difficult to locate. I spent quite a bit of time scouring the internet for sources to fill in the missing gaps in the SG and Yvert numbers. Some gaps were filled in, but others still remain. Additionally, the project begun in 2010 is once again being worked on. Images have been rescanned for the countries of Pakistan through St. Vincents. A total of over 1200 rescanned or new images have been uploaded. For now, I will continue focusing on rescanning all of the images and scanning in new images. As always I'm open to suggestions and ideas for the website. Please feel free to contact me with any additional thoughts you have.
Sep 07, 2009: Spain, 100th Anniversary of the Real Sociedad Soccer Club
Jul 01, 2009: Uzbekistan, 2009 Youth Games
Jun 14, 2009: South Africa, 2010 World Cup in South Africa
Mar 31, 2009: Serbia & Montenegro, 2009 University Games in Belgrade
Feb 26, 2009: Sierra Leone, 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing
Nov 20, 2008: Uruguay, Soccer Player Jose Sasia
Jun 05, 2008: Austria, 2008 European Soccer Championships
May 08, 2008: Switzerland, 2008 European Soccer Championships
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Updates (Sep 19, 2017)
    Forum removed; User authentication removed; list streamline through 2004; Scans uploaded through St. Vincents
Updates (Oct 20, 2015)
    New Forum implemented
Updates (Oct 14, 2015)
    User authentication implemented
Updates (Mar 4, 2012)
    Scans uploaded through Oman
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