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Website Status - May 24, 2018

Issues Listings - The current update is focused once again on the database. A total of 89 new or updated images have been uploaded to the website. Stamp values through the country of Malaysia have been updated taking into account the 3rd edition of the Michel Soccer stamp catalog. Fourteen new listings have been to the database and some listings have been removed. The listings that were removed were some of the Imperf issues of North Korea. For the most part, the listings that were added were omissions due to the stamps either being part of a larger sheet or the soccer motifs being a very small portion of the stamps. Listings were added to the countries of Armenia, Bahamas, Belgium, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Curacao, Dominican Republic, and Cambodia. As time permits, I will continue to update the listings and values and add new images. I have made a little headway on the Cancels/Meters/Slogans database. If you want to take a look at the format, there are a couple of cancel listings for the country of Argentina.

Articles - No updates at this time.

Literature Reviews - No updates at this time. When I finish updating the values in the database, I plan on reviewing the 3rd edition of the Michel Soccer stamp catalog..

Exhibits - No updates at this time.

Website Maintenance - The Cancels/Meters/Slogans option is now enbled but there are currently only a couple of listings in the database.
   Jul 12, 2012: Curacao MS - 2012 Olympic Games in London
   Jun 05, 2008: Austria SS - 2008 European Soccer Championships
   May 05, 2008: Austria Stamp - 2008 European Soccer Championships
   Apr 29, 2008: Austria ATM - 2008 European Soccer Championships
   Mar 13, 2008: Germany (West) Postal Card - 2008 European Soccer Championships
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   Feb 5, 2005:  1925 Hungary Color Variety: An Analysis
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   Oct 17, 2017:  Football in Philately New
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   Oct 8, 2017:  The World of Football New
   Oct 7, 2017:  World Cup Championships - Romanian Issues 1966-2006 New
   Oct 7, 2017:  Olympic and World Football New
   Oct 6, 2017:  The Long Road to Victory New
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   May 24, 2018:  Listings added, scans uploaded, values updated in database.
   Oct 18, 2017:  List Page refreshed; Search page enhanced; Scans uploaded through Uzbekistan
   Oct 12, 2017:  Articles, Exhibits, Links Pages refreshed; new exhibits added; Search page                            enhanced; Scans uploaded through Tuvalu
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