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October 18, 2005
There were many modifications to the database during this weeks update. Scans have been uploaded to the countries of Paraguay, St. Vincent, Togo, and Uruguay. I've added several new issues from various sources and have also updated the Scott catalog numbers for some of the new issues from mid 2004 to early 2005. My highest priority task is finishing the article in time for the next update.

February 25, 2005
There were many modifications to the database during this weeks update. Three new scans have been uploaded to the countries of Anguilla, Algeria, and Niger. I've continued working on updating the Michel catalog numbers for the African countries. I finished going through the catalogs and the final countries updated were: Malawi, Malagasy, Mozambique, Saint Thomas and Prince, Seychelles, South Africa, Spanish Guinea, Tristan da Cunha, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. I want to thank Patrick de Corte and Werner Bea for providing me uploaded scans. In addition to the Michel updates and values, I added several new issues from various sources. I have also updated the Gibbons catalog numbers for many of the countries. Two in particular, Kuwait and Togo, previously did not have any Gibbons numbers. Lastly, I made a minor modification to the Main page so that the Updates could be seen more readily for those of you who drop by routinely to see if there is anything new.

The past two weekends I have attending stamp shows. I was able to acquire quite a bit of new material and will be uploading it to the website as I have time to process it. There is quite a bit of programming to do on the website. My highest priority tasks are integrating cancels, meters, slogans, postal cards, etc. into the database structure. Among other things, it will require an expansion of the search capabilities and new page designs for each type of item. As always, if there are any modifications, additions, or improvements to the website, send me an email about them. I am still looking for help in updating the countries which begin with the letter "A". Check back soon.

February 17, 2005
The database was the main focus of this weeks update. No new scans have been uploaded to any of the countries, but the following countries have had Michel catalog number updates and new items added to the list: Albania, Angola, Ascension, Central Africa, Comoro Islands, Congo (PRC), Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Lesotho, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, and Zaire. I want to thank HeriNicoll for providing me the Michel numbers for the country of Albania. I am in the process of implementing capabilities for the list to display cancels, meters, slogans, postal cards, postal stationary, and stamped envelopes. I have not yet begun actually building the lists of these items, but I wanted the database to be able to handle them when I do. I am still looking for help in updating the countires which begin with the letter "A". Check back soon.

February 11, 2005
This past week I implemented several new features on the website. 1) The Keyword search on the Search page is now capable of excluding words from searches. If you use the minus (-) symbol in front of a word or phrase then it will exclude all records with that word or phrase. For example, a search for '1970 -World' would return all records containing 1970 which do not contain 'world'. 2) I worked on the layout for the Main page. Nothing drastically different, just some minor changes here and there. 3) I wrote the first article for the website. A featured article will now be present most of the time on the Main page. If any of you want to write an article, let me know. 4) I created an Articles page to serve as a repository for any articles, news or otherwise which pertain to soccer stamps. The Navigation menu now has a link to that page.

Those were the primary updates for this week. The next update will be a database update with new issues, Michel numbers, scans, and updated values. Check back soon.

February 3, 2005
The database was the main focus of todays update. New scans have been uploaded for some of the issues in the countries of: Ajman, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Comoro Islands, Guyana, and Malagasy. Patrick de Corte provided most of the newly uploaded scans. Additionally, Michel catalog numbers and values have been updated for the following countries: Cameroon, Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, and Mali. These countries also have some newly listed items. Newly listed items have a image beside them while updated items have a image. I am still looking for help in updating the countires which begin with the letter "A". Check back soon.

January 28, 2005
This past week my focus was on implementing new features on the website. Up at the top left of each page, you can see the new logo for the website. My wife helped me with the design and implementation. It will probably undergo some minor changes because it doesn't have quite the look I want it to have. In order to make it easier to find the records that have been updated or added, I implemented a new feature on the lists. When viewing lists you may see or . Records which contain either of those two icons have been updated or added within the last 60 days. The last update for this week is the completion of the Introduction Page. This page, in addition to a brief introduction of myself, contains the criteria for what will and will not be present on the lists of this website. In particular, it details the reasons why I chose to include and exclude certain stamps from the lists. Please take a look at it. The next update will be a database update with new scans, added records, and changes to current records.

January 21, 2005
The main focus of the updates this time was on updating the data. I recently obtained a new set of Michel Africa catalogs and am currently going through each of the countries and updating the Michel numbers as well as adding issues to the list. I also updated the stamp values. The countries for which I have done this are as follows: Afars and Issas, Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Dahomey, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ifni, Italian Colonies, Kenya, Kenya/Uganda/Tanzania, Libya, Morocco, wanda, Ruanda-Urundi, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunesia, and Uganda. I have also added scans to several countries including: Afghanistan, Antigua and Barbuda, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Chile, Comoro Islands, Dahomey, Dominica, Gambia, Grenada, Grenada Grenadines, Guyana, Ivory Coast, Libya, Paraguay, St. Vincent, Sierra Leone, Suriname, Tanzania, Uganda, Uruguay, and Vanuatu. Most of these scans were provided by Werner Bea (thanks!). Now that I have somewhat updated the database (I still have more), I will be focusing on some of the website issues for the next update. I want to get the Introduction page completed and online. I also want to implement a method for identifying new/updated issues. I also want to continue working on the layout of the main page and the logo. That will be enough to keep me busy for a while. There are still some minor browser issues to address (mainly in IE 5 for Windows). The main page looks horrible with that browser. I've solved most of the

January 7, 2005
The Updates page has now been redesigned. I have also created an offsite Forum for all of us to use. I also fixed the Search page issue when viewed in 800X600 resolution. One of the searches was unusable. I'm trying to get some of the minor styling issues worked out but haven't yet been able to figure out a patch for the Mac IE Browser problems.

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