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Soccer Philately Exhibits

All of the exhibits archived here are copyrights of the owners. Copies of the exhibits are archived to serve as a repository for exhibts pertaining to soccer stamps and should be used for reference only. Where possible, the contact information for the owners is provided. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments concerning the exhibits or want to have your exhibit displayed.

  Title Description   Awards Exhibitor
  Soccer This exhibit contains a broad description of the sport of soccer (football). It takes the viewer through the basic elements of the game, touching on the history, rules, gameplay, skills, tournaments, and other relevant topics.   Silver (Sydney Stamp EXPO 2007, Sport-O-Net 2007, Adelaide STAMPEX 2006, FILPEX 2005) Alyssah Xeniah C. Alcala (Email)
  World Cup Championships - Romanian Issues 1966-2006 This exhibit focuses on the Romanian postal issues relating to the World Cups from 1966-2006.   Andrea Kallai
  Olympic and World Football Beginning with the early Olympiads, this exhibit traces the path of soccer in the Olympics and World Cups unitl Englands victory in 1966. This exhibit contains many rare postal history items in the world of soccer philately.   Vermeil (Olymphilex 2004), Large Vermeil (Romaphil 2008, Italia 2009, Vastophil 2012) Giorgio Sini
  The Long Road to Victory This exhibit focuses on English soccer throughout the years. It begins with the prehistory of the sport, winding through through the early years and culminates in the English victory in the 1966 World Cup. One of the strengths of this exhibit is the integration of philatelic items with the description of the events.   Large Vermeil (Maribofila 2012) Nikolay Penev
  Svet Fotbalu This exhibit views the sport of soccer (football) through different lenses. Beginning with the history of the sport, it continues on to examine other similar sports, the game on different continents, soccer organizations, different tournaments, and the game in Czechoslovakia. It ends with an examination of the World Cups from 1930-1974. The exhibit contains several nice postal history items.   Large Silver (Sport-O-Net 2007) Stanislav Kamenicky
  The World of Football Another version of the "Svet Fotbalu" exhibit.   Silver (Olymphilex 1996) Stanislav Kamenicky