Soccer(Football) Philately: An Introduction
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Welcome to my website dealing with the collecting of stamps and philatelic material relating to the topic of soccer. As with any site, this one is a work in progress, but I hope that through my efforts others will be drawn to the wonderful world of stamp collecting, be it topical or otherwise. My goal for this website is for it to be a comprehensive resource for soccer (aka. football) philately.

For me, stamp collecting began at the age of six. In those days, I was content simply to soak stamps off of incoming mail and glue them into a homemade album. As with most collectors, my first collection encompassed the entire world. After a few years, though, I realized that the worldwide scope was too broad. At the age of 12, I combined my enjoyment of stamp collecting with my passion for the sport of soccer, culminating in a collection of stamps and philatelic items relating to that topic.

As with any collection, there are certain boundaries used to define what will be included and what will not. The following paragraphs describe the current scope of my collection and the information presented on this website.

The stamps catalogued on this site currently come only from internationally recognized stamp-issuing entities. The Michel catalogs are my catalogs of choice due to their comprehensiveness. Usually if the country is listed in Michel, then it is or was an internationally recognized stamp-issuing entity. The lists do include countries such as Ajman and Sharjah, members of the Trucial States, because their stamps were valid for postage.

At the present time, the lists do not include locals, cinderallas, labels, or any issue which was not deemed to be valid for postage at the time of issue. Examples of stamps not included would be the Russian Republics such as Abakan, Abhkazia, and Tannu Tuva, the Scottish Islands such as Bernera Island, and fanciful countries such as Maluku Selatan. In the future, I intend to compile separate lists for those "stamps". I will also be compiling lists for meter markings, slogans, aerogrammes, and postal stationary. For now, though, my efforts are focused on listing known postally valid stamp issues.

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