Soccer(Football) Philately: An Introduction
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It is my goal to make the stamp lists as comprehensive as possible. To that end, the lists contain stamps (both perforate and imperforate varieties), blocks of stamps (if the stamps were issued in a multi-stamp form), souvenir sheets, miniature sheets, gutter pairs, proofs, essays, specimens, booklets, booklet panes, errors, and EFO's. Scans of the stamps in the lists will be made available as I acquire them or as they are sent to me by other collectors.


There are currently 273 countries which have issued soccer related philatelic items. The lists on this website have been compiled over the course of many years. Despite my attempts at completeness, I am sure that there are still gaps in the lists. In particular, I have included stamp errors and varieties of which I have been made aware, but there probably many others. Any help, comments, opinions, or advice will be greatly appreciated in making the lists as complete as possible and the website as useful as possible. Again, welcome to the Soccer (Football) Philately website.

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