Soccer Stamp Statistics

This page contains statistical information and graphs of pertaining to soccer philately. The data is generated from the online database. Among other things, I plan to graph the countries by type, quantities by type, and quantities by year. There may also be other interesting statistics that could be presented. Please feel free to contact me if there are any additional statistics or graphs that you would like to see.

To date, 276 countries have produced philatelic items relating to soccer(football). A total of 6,214 separate issues comprising of 12,187 unique items have been made. The first soccer stamps were a set of 3 issued by Uruguay on 07/29/1924 and the most recent from Curacao issued on 07/12/2012.

Over the years, many different types of items have been issued by Postal Authorities. The chart below illustrates the number of each type of postal item that has been issued.

Stamps by Type

The following graph shows the number of items that have been produced each year since 1924. Each stamp, cancel, aerogram, etc. is counted separately. The peak year was 1982 with 920 unique items.

Issues per Year

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